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What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?

A bathroom remodel is a big investment. In fact, according to Home Advisor, the national average cost of a bathroom remodel is $10,000. Ouch. That’s a lot of money. So, where does all that money go? Let’s dig in on some of the most expensive elements of a bathroom remodel to find out.


Tiles are one of the few preferred choices for bathroom floors and walls. They’re easy to clean and maintain, and they come in a wide variety of colours and styles. However, tiles can also be quite expensive. high-end tiles can cost as much as $100 per square foot. By comparison, lower-end tiles can cost as little as $3 per square foot.


Bathroom fixtures include items such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers. When it comes to fixtures, you really do get what you pay for. Cheap fixtures are more likely to break and will need to be replaced more often than higher-quality fixtures. As a result, it’s important to choose fixtures that will stand the test of time—even if they come with a higher price tag. Higher-end fixtures can cost several thousand dollars, while lower-end fixtures may only cost a few hundred dollars.


The vanity is one of the most important elements of any bathroom because it houses the sink(s). Vanities come in all different styles, sizes, and materials. Consequently, their prices can vary widely. For example, you can find a basic vanity for as little as $200 or a luxurious custom vanity for $5,000 or more.


Lighting is typically overlooked when it comes to bathroom design but it’s actually one of the most important elements in creating a functional and inviting space. Poorly lit bathrooms can feel cramped and depressing—not exactly the vibe you’re going for in your new luxury oasis! Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable lighting options available these days that can give your bathroom an upscale feel without breaking the bank. However, if you want to add something truly unique or custom to your space, be prepared to spend a bit more on lighting fixtures.

Bathroom remodels can range in price depending on a number of factors, but the most expensive part of any bathroom remodel is usually the labour. Hiring a professional contractor to do the work for you can be pricey, but it’s usually worth it in the end. If you’re planning on spending money for a bathroom remodel, be prepared to allocate the majority of your budget on labour.

If you’re just updating some fixtures and painting the walls, your costs will be on the lower end of that spectrum. However, if you’re gutting your bathroom and starting from scratch, your costs will be much higher.

The biggest expense in any bathroom remodel is usually labour. The cost of labour will depend on a number of factors, including the experience level of your contractor and the size and scope of your project. If you’re hiring a professional to do all the work for you, expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 per square foot for labour.

Of all the elements that go into a bathroom remodel, tiles, fixtures, vanities, and lighting tend to be the most expensive. However, there’s a handful of strategies to save money on each element without sacrificing quality or style. For tiles, opt for lower-end options; for fixtures, choose timeless designs; when it comes to vanities, consider storage needs; and finally, be strategic about lighting placement and type to create an inviting atmosphere without breaking the bank. With cautious planning and prudence, it is possible to have the beautiful, luxurious bathroom of your dreams without spending a fortune!


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