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How much does it cost to retile a bathroom?

Bathroom retiling is a sensible prospect when you’re contemplating renovating your property. After all, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home and its condition can affect your daily routine.

If you hope to retile your bathroom, you must first know how much it would cost so you can create a budget accordingly. If you’re wondering how much should you allocate for bathroom retiling, then read on.

On average, it would cost anywhere between $400 to $1400+ to retile a bathroom. This price range will rely on various factors such as the type of tiles you’re using, the size of your bathroom, and whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional contractor.

For instance, sleek and high-end ceramic tiles can cost more than $14 per square foot while cheaper options like vinyl tiles can go for as low as $1 per square foot. If you have a medium to large-sized bathroom (about 200 sq. ft.), you’re likely looking at a total tile budget of around $800 to $2800+.

As for installation costs, it really depends on your skills and confidence level. If you’re the Do-It-Yourself type, then you can save a lot of money by doing the work yourself. But if you’d rather leave the project to the pros, then expect to add an additional $200 to $500 onto your total budget.

Top Considerations before Retiling your Bathroom

Of course, there are other things you need to take into account before starting your bathroom renovation project. Here are some of the key considerations:

  • The state of your current bathroom: Is your bathroom in dire need of a makeover or are you just looking to refresh its look? If the latter, then a simple tile switch might do the trick. But if it’s the former, then you might have to factor in additional repair and replacement costs (e.g., fixing cracked tiles, replacing rotted wood).
  • Your personal style: What sort of look are you going for with your new bathroom? A sleek and modern space or a more traditional one? This will help guide your tile selection process.
  • Tile quality: Not all tiles are created equal. Some are better suited for high traffic areas like the bathroom than others. For instance, glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles are more durable and easier to clean than unglazed options.
  • Installation method: The way you install your new bathroom tiles can also affect the overall look and feel of the space. There are different installation methods (e.g., mortar bed, mastic adhesive) that produce different results.
  • Colour scheme: Choose a colour scheme that complements the rest of your bathroom d├ęcor. You don’t want your new tiles to clash with your existing fixtures and furniture.
  • Budget: As with all kinds of the home renovation projects, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. This will help narrow down your tile options and prevent you from overspending.

With these considerations in mind, you’re one step closer to achieving your dream bathroom!

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